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We’ve always been passionate about making business easy to start, SmogBee was founded to transform the business setup process and build a simple and easy way to start a company.

Most business setup procedures drain energy and time, a lot of paperwork, regulations change quickly in UAE, your valuable time is wasted running between several departments, following up transactions and approvals. We’re building a one-stop-shop for all your business needs, a better way to stay focus and operate your actual business in the market, a corporate service that maximize efficiency and minimize wasted time, so you can focus on what matters.

All of our solutions are fully transparent, there are no hidden costs, we recognize your needs and deliver dynamic cost-effective solutions designed to support your business, we offer complete business solutions, from company formation and advisory services to sponsorship and visa services, we help set up your business in Dubai and the UAE fast and easy.

Our Story

We operate in the business consulting and corporate services industry, we work closely with government departments and local authorities, with our many years of experience in excellent service across various sectors, we have gathered priceless market knowledge that constantly helps us set up companies in Dubai with unmatched finesse and strategy.

We understand the intricacies of the business setup in UAE, we have established our place as one of the innovating companies in the industry through hard work and unmatched dedication to service, we are the company with an ultimate solution to your company formation.

Our business setup experts are committed to delivering excellent company formation services and building long relationships with our clients, our team’s dedication to your cause is only matched by their passion, we are well-equipped with resourceful and hardworking personnel who are dedicated to achieving your goals.

Here at SmogBee, your satisfaction and success are our challenges, we channel all necessary resources and workforce needed into the successful setup of your company, we offer the best value at suitable prices, our goal as a business setup firm is to constantly cater for our clients, providing them with full support in the development of their company.

Why US

Our work ethics and organizational believes are built on honesty and integrity in service. We offer highly competitive rates and a transparent billing system with no hidden charges.


We understand quite well time is of the essence in the business world. Our PRO service is unmatched in terms of speed and efficiency. We deploy all necessary resources in getting your license within days.


Our industry experience is a quality you can bank on to get your business formation done without a hitch. Your trust is our most valuable asset.


Setting up your business successfully in the shortest time frame is our paramount objective. We want only the best for all our clients, we therefore, handle your business setup with uttermost finesse.

Digital Transformation

The age of the hyper-connected consumer has arrived. With simply the click of a button consumers can immerse themselves in a world of products and services that span the millions. This makes switching brands as simple as ever and gives them the freedom to write negative reviews at any point, a feature that can severely impact your success. Our management consultancy helps you create a value based digital transformation that will encourage positive interactions between customers and your company. Now more than ever, the success of a company lies in its ability to reduce effort and increase convenience for customers using digital solutions.

Business Transformation

Whether you are merging with another company, acquiring a new one, or changing your operations to accelerate growth, Kinetic Consulting Services is able to facilitate the transformation required in your organisation. Our management consultants work with all stakeholders to ensure all aspects of your business transform effectively to new operating models and are able to extract new value for your customers.

Customer Experience for Growth

Our team is comprised of leading international professionals who have a proven reputation for creating customer experience solutions that allow clients to sustainably increase the economic value of their company. We do this by working with you to transform your organisation via our unique methodology, allowing you and your business to begin achieving your goals as quickly and effectively as possible. As one of the leading consulting companies in Dubai, we have the expertise and skill needed to design and integrate solutions that are not only practical for your employees and your business, but effective at generating sustainable economic value.

Business Process Mapping & Re-engineering

The very foundation of any great customer experience is consistency. The fabric of consistency is your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and processes. Many organisations have neglected their SOPs as a possible root- cause problem to the unhappiness created for their customers. Our management consultancy services and expertise in customer experience has enabled us to reengineer and streamline processes and procedures for Fortune 500 companies on a global basis. The result has seen a major uplift in customer satisfaction and corporate profitability.

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