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Email marketing is the act of promoting a product, selling a service, telling a story, or connecting with an audience through email. A marketing email is a one-to-many communication from an organization to a mailing list of customers and prospects.

Email marketing services can help you send email campaigns that are effective and ensure successful email delivery.

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for getting messages directly to your clients and prospects. It strengthens client relationships and keeps reminding your prospects to reach out to you. There three types of emails you might send:

  • Marketing emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Operational emails

Some of the most common forms of email marketing include newsletters, blog emails, nurture emails, retention emails, and promotional emails with special offers.

Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way to connect with people. It is also a very personal way of reaching your target customers. Messages from your friends and family are sitting next to email updates from your company.

Why email marketing:

  • More effective than social media
  • Economic and Cost Effective
  • Personal and Customisable
  • Action Oriented and Measurable
  • Mobile device allow our users to check their email constantly

With email marketing, you get your message straight into the inbox of the people you want to see it. Some of the benefits in email marketing are :

  • Increase Repeat visits
  • Around 77% of website visitors abandoning your website will never return. When you build an email list, you can build a connection with your visitors by collecting their email addresses and sending them valuable content.

  • Build a genuine following:
  • Repeat visitors are more likely to convert into customers, compared to first-time visitors.

  • Increase Revenue
  • Email conversions outperform both social and organic search traffic.So if you’re looking to make revenue, then you’ll need to start email marketing.

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